Von humanimals, Einhörnern und Meerjungfrauen in Between the waves: A fable in five chapters – Re-aktualisierung von Weiblichkeitsmetaphern als subversive Praxis?!


  • Friederike Nastold




This paper analyses Between the waves, a 5-channel-video-installation produced in 2012 by the indian artist Tejal Shah. Channel 1, A fable in 5 chapters, presents a poetic, heterotopic and very sensual world within which Shah places their humanimals, half woman*, half unicorn. Multiple historic and mythological references are woven into the narrative: Most obvious is the reference to Rebecca Horns Einhorn which refers to Frida Kahlos Die gebrochene Säule. These references are the base for the following questions: In which way does Shah develop a performative theory which embodies the strategy of Revolving Histories? What role does artistic and cultural Sisterhood play? What influence does the situated knowledge of the viewer have to get access to the video-installation? Alongside the idea of Freuds Prothesengott this paper analyses the moving moments of the acting of the humanimals to formulate a critic against a phallocentric sexuality and a heteronormative embodiment.