‚Höher-Schneller-Weiter‘? Feministische Kritik an Technikgeschichte im Museum. Ein Gespräch mit Anna Doepfner

  • Daniela Döring
  • Hannah Fitsch
Schlagworte: Gender Museum Ausstellen


Anna Doepfner was curator at the department for textile engineering at the Deutsche Technikmuseum Berlin from 1985 until her retirement in August 2014. Doepfner’s work was characterized by a feminist view on inequalities, exclusions and questions of power in technology museums. Based on these critical negotiations, Doepfner’s professional activity was committed to all kinds of inclusive mediations of technical appropriations in society, for example the history of issues pertaining to women and gender in the museum, among others issues. In the discussion with Hannah Fitsch and Daniela Döring, Doepfner reviews paradigms of a hegemonic museal order as well as strategies for collecting and presenting the dynamics and entanglements of a technical and cultural history.