Museum als Asyl? Überlegungen zu Asyl Stadtmuseum – einer künstlerischen Ausstellung von Pélagie Gbaudi und Stefanie Oberhoff


  • Barbara Mahlknecht
  • Elke Krasny



The collaborative exhibition Asyl Stadtmuseum (Asylum City Museum) by the two artists Stefanie Oberhoff and Pélagie Gbaudi was on show at the City Museum Munich from October 2013 to November 2014. Based upon shared interests in feminism and post-colonialism in artistic, curatorial and theoretical practice, the two authors turned the exhibition into their space for work and thought. Central to their line of thought is the question how curatorial and artistic methods can be combined with feminist theory and post-colonial studies to critique the deficiencies of the institutional logic of the museum. Going beyond the reach of a temporary exhibition at the museum, Asyl Stadtmuseum is marked by complex chronopolitics that mutually implicate contemporary processes of globalization and EU asylum policies in the legacy of colonialism.