Treffende Zusammenschnitte. Moira Zoitls Installation "Fliehkraft"

  • Ute Vorkoeper


Ute Vorkoeper

Trenchant Montages: Moira Zoitl’s Installation “Fliehkraft”

This paper explores the ambivalence of migration in Moira Zoitl’s video installation “Fliehkraft” (2010). On the one hand, migration is a crossing of borders undertaken with a view to completing a journey and to finding at new home; on the other, it involves the threat of confusion and a loss of control, of potential disruption and the risk of rejection. The video features a tailor, an Afghan refugee, commissioned by the artist to make a bespoke black suit—an ever-present item in photographs of guest workers dating from the 1960s and 70s. While tailoring the suit, the man tells his story, during which a complex structure of semantic shifts and superimposed images evolves. Amid the force field of fleeing his homeland, subsequent migration, and the attempted new beginning, the suit becomes a mobile surrogate home for men who have been forced to leave their homeland and way of life, but most of all their wives and families.