Kulturelle Mythen, peinliche Phantasien, künstlerische Verlockungsprämien: Tracy Emin

  • Insa Härtel



Cultural myths, disconcerting fantasies, artistic incentive bonuses: Tracey Emin

Emin’s work is sometimes discussed under the premise of being either “authentic” or “strategic” in the sense of the artist’s positioning in art business. The tension between these perceptions is just the starting point of my contribution – especially with reference to Emin’s video piece Riding for a Fall (1999). The work’s “incitement” or allurement seems to oscillate between irony and intimacy. Just in view of the staged mythical images that include e.g. Wild West fantasies the article’s focus is on the entangled wishes coming about. Judging by the smile emerging on Emin’s face in the course of the video the representation somehow starts to refer to itself; momentarily an exhibition of the involved libidinal investments into the shown fantasies seems to take place – that’s at least the article’s conclusion.