Selbst im Bild. Kulturelle Versprechungen

  • Insa Härtel
  • Kathrin Heinz


Insa Härtel, Kathrin Heinz

Images of the Self: Cultural Promises

This issue explores the processes of negotiating subjectivity in the social sphere. It focuses on inscriptions of the (artistic) “self” in various spatial, media, and cultural settings. Contributors discuss the dominant discourses and concepts of this historical figure and its casting—as well as related “reverse sides” and ”disorders.” Of interest are both Versprechungen (promises) and Versprecher (slips of the tongue). The issue traces the strategies and effects of the self-inventing, self-classifying, self-accommodating, and self-recording subject, which has always been relational, reliant, and dependent, and whose “speech” is always addressed, shaped by culture and history, and porous.