Ein Sprechen wird organisiert. Andrea Frasers Projekt Eine Gesellschaft des Geschmacks

  • Silke Bangert



A Speaking/Vocalisation is Organised - Andrea Fraser’s Project A Society of Taste

In 1993 the US-American artist Andrea Fraser realised the exhibition project A Society of Taste with and at the Kunstverein München. In the run-up to it she interviewed board members of the Kunstverein on questions of self-conception and taste. She arranged the answers into an audio collage that could have been heard in the Kunstverein’s exhibition rooms, the written version was printed in a publication. Artworks borrowed from the board members that were partly mentioned in the audio installation were also part of the exhibition and publication.

In this article this project setting is analyzed according to its different speaker positions by means of Pierre Bourdieu’s explanations on “What Does Speaking Mean”[1]. To explain the mechanism and efficacy of existing speech acts the author adopts the stylistic device of passing a skeptron (scepter) used by Bourdieu, the passing of a scepter as a symbolic gesture authorization to speak. Thus, she develops a chain of authorizations for speakers not excluding herself.

[1] Pierre Bourdieu, What Does Speaking Mean? On the Economy of Linguistic

Changes, German edition, Vienna 2005.