Techniken der Veranderung. Die Ich-Perspektive von Video und ihre kritische Wendung in Arbeiten von Lisa Steele

  • Sigrid Adorf



Techniques of Change: The First-person Perspective of Video and its Critical Turn in the Work of Lisa Steele

This paper considers the disruptions of powerful gender attributions in and by the video works of various feminist artists in the 1970s. These artists make use of and critically reflect on so-called video feedback, a new technical possibility at the time, as a site of (political) interventions and “inter(re)actions.” Analysing the projected “intimate conversations” and relationships between artists, medium/work, and viewers, the paper traces “the shifts in the subjective discourse,” which present the subject rather as “one finding it-self—but a different one.” Following Lacan, Adorf interprets the “mirror stage,” or rather the “video stage” (Baudrillard), as a “transformation of the subject brought about by the recording of an image”—or as “change” induced by the interplay between close-ups and long shots.