Paradoxien der Schaulust. Wahrnehmung und Geschlechterkonstruktion im frühen erotischen Film

  • Barbara Jenner


Paradoxic Scopophilia. Perception and Gender Construction in Early Erotic Cinema

Canonical theory such as the theory of male/female gaze or Lacanian picture theory should be reviewed in connection with early cinema, especially erotic cinema, in order to check their formation. Therefore Barbara Jenner analyzes an early erotic film made in Austria for an exclusively male public: “Baden verboten” (1906/07; “No bathing”). She argues that a construction of the gaze in the first instance, which allows for an identification between camera and viewer, following a realist tradition in painting. When the plot changes from a voyeuristic looking-at to seduction, the viewer is invited to relate to the inner-diegetic beholder, a change that already points the attentive observer to different modes of constructing the gaze.