Einleitung. Unentschieden – Paradoxien des Hypes von Feminismen in Kunst und Kultur

  • Rachel Mader


Rachel Mader

Introduction - Undecided – Paradoxes surrounding the Hype of Feminism in Art and Culture

In recent years, one of the most striking phenomena in discussions of feminism has been the undecided and even oppositional valuation of the achievements of this movement. This diagnosis can be found in society in general as well as in art, where it has very specific modes of appearance. It is precisely these different moments and situations that this issue of FrauenKunstWissenschaft examines by studying certain examples. The aim is not to dissolve the paradoxes found, but rather to name them precisely and situate them within a broader cultural, social, and historical context. It is with reference to Joan Scott’s analysis of French feminism Only Paradoxes to Offer (1996) that we consider the figure of the paradox as a basic criterion of debates about gender issues today. Based on this diagnosis, we plead for continued controversial discussions, as this is the only way for feminism to remain vital and effective.