Körperkunst bewegter Bilder. Die feministische Ästhetik der heterogenen Medienpraxis bei Maria Lassnig und Carolee Schneemann


  • Stefanie Proksch-Weilguni




Carolee Schneemann, Maria Lassnig, Film, Feminismus


Maria Lassnig’s and Carolee Schneemann’s films show how they expanded their artistic practices from painting to experimental and animation film. Part of the feminist art movement of the 1970s and the filmmakers group Women/Artist/Filmmakers, Inc. their work supports the feminist approach towards an emancipation of the body and the recognition of women artists. The relation between the formal depiction of women’s bodies and their reflection in the transformation and animation in film depicts a formal approach towards a feminist aesthetic. The comparison with independent animation films and the experimental films of Carolee Schneemann as part of the Women/Artist/Filmmakers, Inc., sets Maria Lassnig’s work in the context of her time. Maria Lassnig’s and Carolee Schneemann’s wide spectrum from painting to film broadens the comprehension of body art that happened across all media and went beyond the performance and new media art.