Affekt(de)regulierung durch Affizierung


  • Elke Bippus



Affect(de)regulation by Affection

This article starts from the assumption that the critique of representation is fundamental for a critical conceptualization of affect. In this regard, theories discussed in the tradition of Spinoza are crucial; they connect affect with a reflexive moment and at the same time determine it as a fundamental affection preceding the subject. As a result of this perspectivism,  affect can be associated on the one hand with artistic practices, on the other hand it can be characterized as a co-evolutionary process of individuation between technique, organism, and the world. By trying to connect a critique of representation and affect theory, this contribution takes into account the current interest in affect – not in order to follow the myth of immediacy, but to render conceivable a critical attitude that includes the interrelation of reflexive-cognitive and affective-physical moments.