Claims und Challenges: Mediale Normalisierungspolitik und Prekarität in Casting-Formaten

  • Karin Bruns


Karin Bruns

Claims and Challenges: Media Normalisation Policies and Precarity in Casting Formats

This paper explores the role of new media formats, including living history, scripted reality and casting shows, within the neoliberal transformation of the economy and society. It reveals how casting shows in particular represent a reflex to ongoing economic precarisation and concomitant fears of marginalisation. Structurally, such shows operate as production sites precisely for the flexible, self-normalising subject constantly striving for self-optimisation and who is imagined as the new, ideal-type employee of the future. While interdependent categories such as gender, ethnicity, age, and sexuality are generally crucially important for such formats, top model shows in particular are purposefully targeted at promoting “female career models.”