Identität[s]_Kritik beanspruchen – no risk no pun

  • Susanne Lummerding


Claiming Identity Critique – No Risk No Pun

Starting from the question how – beyond neoliberal imperatives of optimization and inflationary how-to books – precariousness could possibly be made productive, the article offers argumentative grounds for a critique of hegemonic constructions of reality as a redefinition of the parameters of intelligibility. The text focuses on the moments of tension between a claim to and a critique of identity; moments of tension which, as a considerable challenge, represent a pivotal starting point, not least for feminist-antiracist-queer representational critique to formulate critical subject positions. Based on linking a revised notion of mediality with that of the political, and analyzing the political-representational practices of current protest movements, the article develops theoretical arguments for making productive as an epistemic-political potential the moments of tension represented by the paradoxical formulation of an anti-identitarian position while at the same time maintaining this tension as an open and necessarily antagonistic space for negotiations.