Inszenierungen des Prekären. Verletzbarkeit und Geschlechtsidentität in Alain Platels Gardenia

  • Miriam Dreysse


Stagings of Precarity. Vulnerability and Gender Identity in Alain Platel’s Gardenia

Departing from Judith Butler’s notion of the precarious as the general vulnerability of the human subject, the text questions the possibilities of contemporary performing arts to stage the precariousness of the other and thus insist on the singularity of each one of us. The dance performance Gardenia by Alain Platel and the Ballet C de la B from 2008 is analyzed as an example of the staging of vulnerability and otherness. The performers of Gardenia are a group of elderly transsexuals and transvestites, thus representing the precarious life relating both to their age (especially as dancers) and their gender identity.