Das Subjekt, das nicht eins ist

  • Sabeth Buchmann


Sabeth Buchmann

The Subject that is Not Whole

This paper discusses the aesthetic processes of German artist Simone Schardt, whose work explores the languages of (post-)conceptualism, which are situated between strategies of objectification and subjectification, in terms of the current demands placed on the artist’s existence. Like many of her notes, made on lined paper using a pencil, typewriter, coffee and so on, her Grammatik der Härte – Grammatik der Weichheit, a drawing the artist has specially chosen to contribute to this issue, marks an attempt to translate traditional techniques of critiquing authorship and an artist’s work into the language of governmental concepts of subjectivity. Schardt’s work reflects on the subject or the first person as that particular site provided in a discourse that can and must (albeit never completely) be occupied by way of identification.