Das Private bleibt politisch. Symptomatische Subjektentwürfe der Gegenwart

  • Sigrid Adorf
  • Jennifer John



The Private Remains Political: Concepts of Subjectivity Symptomatic of the Present (Introduction)

This issue addresses one of the central claims of feminist discourse of the 1970s, namely, that “The private is political.” Starting from the significance of this insight during that historical period, contributors to the present issue explore whether and, if so, how this idea might be reformulated in 2010, as well as linked to Foucault’s concept of governmentality. They thus take up the calls issued in the previous issue, Kanones (No. 48), for rendering fruitful feminist insights gained during recent decades for contemporary discourse. Does it make any sense, in an age characterised increasingly by the blending of work and leisure and the related debate on precarisation, to return to the modern concept of “public versus private”? And if such a return does make sense, then on which premises? What is political about displaying privateness? How do artists engage with the current stagings of privateness? And which other connections relevant to cultural analysis can be established with other prominent discourses within the debate on aesthetics?