Unterschiede auf der Leinwand: Wie sich Gender in Spielfilmen über Künstlerinnen manifestiert

  • Doris Berger


Doris Berger

Differences on Screen: How Gender Plays Out in Biopics about Women Artists

Representations of artists in biographical movies are highly gendered. After the film genre of biopics is presented, crucial elements that influence biopics next to their biographical content are in focus, such as artist myths related to art history and star legends related to the film industry. With these parameters in mind, gendered elements of biopics are described, highlighting recurring narratives and representations in films about women artists. Different depictions of the suffering of male and female artists, or a narrative that understands motherhood and creativity as incompatible are focused on. Finally, the recent biopic Séraphine (Martin Provost, 2008), which tells the story about the relationship between the painter Séraphine de Senlis and the art dealer Wilhelm Uhde, is evaluated for its mostly conscious approach to the film genre.