Einleitung. Heavenly creatures? Bilder kontingenter, komplizenhafter FreundInnenschaft


  • Edith Futscher




Edith Futscher

Introduction. Heavenly Creatures? Images of Contingent, Complicit Friendship

The starting point for this issue is the following discrepancy: while sociologists are observing an increasing normalisation of the social phenomenon of friendship, as supported by visual media, recent theoretical debates are emphasising instances of contingency, subversive complicity, and non-presence (Bataille, Foucault, Derrida, Bovenschen, etc.). On the one hand, a model is constructed and deployed that promises stability, that is unburdened by issues of sexuality and is gaining political acceptance, but that is also becoming increasingly recognized as a structure that replaces society and solidarity. On the other hand, phenomena such as withdrawal and absence or ghostliness are gaining prominence. This issue explores the currently dominant strategies of visual enactment and staging in various media, which reveal a transformation of the discourse. It further examines the omissions in the discourse on friendship from a critical gender perspective and sheds light on neglected, contingent aspects and their (gender) political relevance in visual culture.