Freundschaft im Netz


  • Astrid Konrad
  • Aneta Manysová
  • Alexandra Pichler



Astrid Konrad, Aneta Mandysová, Alexandra Pichler, Denise Zöhrer: Friendship on the Internet

Nothing seems to be easier than making friends on the Internet, especially by using Community Servers or Blogs. One click of your mouse makes it possible to form a friendship possible, even with somebody you have never met before and probably will never meet in person. On community servers, very loose networks of friends are formed this way. Friendship on the Internet is common and is part of the everyday lives of millions of people. This article presents some important and promising approaches to the topic and compares Internet friendships to face-to-face-contacts. What in fact is a virtual friendship? How does it work and what makes it so attractive?