Erfrischend andres. Ines Doujaks friends 1-3 (2008)


  • Kerstin Brandes



Kerstin Brandes

Refreshingly Different – Ines Doujak’s Friends 1-3 (2008)

Although women are said to get along swimmingly, to enjoy themselves, and to feel at ease with each other, today the non-gendered term “friends” carries particular weight. This paper shows that the attempt to align representations of friends with the conceptions of femininity and gender on offer in the collective Western European repertoire of images, moreover to try to determine such figures in distinction to these images, and to classify and attribute them at all, proves less than satisfactory. Friends are refreshingly different and invite one to conceive of relationships we actually desire in more complex and multifaceted terms, which at once leave open and open up manifold possibilities.