Die Macht der Bilder – kritische Bildwissenschaften und feministische Kritik

  • Hildegard Frübis


Hildegard Frübis:

“Olmert reconsiders withdrawal plans”. The Power of Images – Critical Visual Studies and Feminist Criticism

In current visual representations of Islamic countries in the mass media, including newspapers and periodicals, we can observe the emergence of an image of “the Orient” that forms part of the visual politics of a “new” Orientalism. In the photograph analyzed here, three main motifs come to light: the circle around the veiled woman; the religious symbols of Islam, including the mosque; and visible signs of violence. The article considers the relationship between the photographic images – as part of mass media reporting and as products of an artistic tradition – and the reality from which they arise. At the same time, the pictures are understood as contributing to the perception and constitution of that “reality”.