Standort(e): Gender – Bild – Politik. Eine Einleitung

  • Hildegard Frübis


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Gender-Image-Politics: An Introduction

Issue No. 44 takes the form of a workshop report to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of FKW. The editors each contribute brief snapshots to provide an illuminating insight into the journal’s future. The FKW editorial team has changed almost entirely since 2004, and accordingly many ambitious ideas exist for current issues. This circumstance was a further reason for  conceiving the present jubilee issue as a series of spotlights, in which the current editors each present their perspectives on a wide range of subjects, including art, the image, gender, the cultural and political status of the visual, and so on. The brief contributions should be regarded as a kind of laboratory situation, in which the members of the editorial board discuss their research interests and establish how these relate to feminist issues and also to the current debates on cultural policy.