Figuration des Sozialen im Blick feministischer Kunstwissenschaft: Christian Petzolds Gespenster (2005)


  • Edith Futscher



Edith Futscher:

Feminist Art History Facing Figurations of Social Life: Christian Petzold’s Gespenster (Ghosts) (2005)

Feminist art and film history are watchful of formations of social life and their transformation and production in and through the field of the visual. Friendship and girlhood, it is argued, are currently two dominant elements of discourse with disciplinary effects, which tend to veil unstable social structures and an unequal gender-based apportionment of power. Both are pointed out in a critical way in Christian Petzold’s narrative about fleeting relationships between mother and daughter and lesbian lovers in Berlin in the year 2005. Combined with this is a reflection on the imaginative as well as normative effects of male viewers, video monitoring, and digital-generated phantom portraits. Petzold’s strategies are considered as an effort to critically explore a girl’s mode of feigning death, playing dead, and loss of identity.