Spektakuläre Körperbilder. Reproduktionsphantasien und geschlechtliche Repräsentation bei Inez van Lamsweerde


  • Barbara Wagner




Spectacular Body Images: Fantasies of Reproduction and Sexual Representation in Inez van Lamsweerde’s Artworks

An image of the (human) body is always necessary for fantasies of reproduction to be developed – in science as well as art. Inze van Lamsweerde’s series “Thank you Thighmaster” (1993) works with computer-manipulated photographs and provides an opportunity to discuss the question whether these fantasies of reproduction have to be regarded as completely artificial. The non-sexed body images refer to a dilemma within the discourse on reproduction: On the one hand, these bodies appear desirable because of the model’s beauty. On the other, however, the cyborgs cannot respond to the desire since they lack any reproductive ability. Thus they emphasize a gap within the technical evolution: You may overcome space and time but you always need a body to do so.