Einspruch: eine sprachliche Intervention. Zur Edition "Do you mind" von Astrid Nippoldt

  • Frauke Ellßel


Frauke Ellßel

Objection: A Linguistic Intervention. On Astrid Nippolt’s Edition Do you mind

This paper discusses the work of German artist Astrid Nippoldt and focuses on Do you mind (2006), an edition she developed specially for FKW. Do you mind originated in a temporary action undertaken by the artist in Riga in 2005, when she affixed a set of questions to the base of the Statue of Roland and thereby staged an imaginary dialogue in public space. For the purposes of the edition, these questions were separated from their urban context and transposed onto sheets of paper. The resulting arrangement places center stage the communicative process emerging from the interaction between questions and answers. The paper explores the manifold shifts in meaning arising from the artist’s interventions in language.