Der Drachenkämpfer Wassily Kandinsky – Über Helden und ihre Verbindungen

  • Kathrin Heinz


Kathrin Heinz

Wassily Kandinsky, Dragon Fighter: On Heroes and Their Connections

Horsemen and knights, in particular the figure of St. George, are highly prominent motifs in the work of Wassily Kandinsky. This paper focuses on the significance of this recurring motif as a key figure of cultural reference for Kandinsky and explores its identificatory function as regards his positioning as an artist, his artistic development, and his aesthetic programme. It considers Kandinsky constructions of the heroic within the context of his artistic practices of subjectification and strategies of self-assertion. The paper thus casts light on the mythical practices existing within the framework Kandinsky/artist/St. George and how such practices bring forth afresh the dispositif of artistry and masculinity, which is naturalised in the act of painting as it were.