Ohrtasche, 2005


  • Barbara Graf




Barbara Graf

"Anatomical Clothes"

To distinguish between the abstract act of covering the body and its concrete clothes means to confer upon the solemn, dignified garment a mediating position between the two. “Anatomical Clothes” by Barbara Graf participates in both discourses: they claim our attention as autonomous objects which can be displayed fully spread out and hung on a wall, but they can also be folded and tied up as transportable packages. “Anatomical Clothes”, in their material structuring and ordering, refers explicitly to the inner layering of the living body. But the way they are made also reveals the living body turned into a remote and distant object. It is this double conception of the body as both a living thing and an object that creates the possibility for viewing “Anatomical Clothes” as autonomous and sui generis. The clothes are not “fashion as sculpture” but rather are part of the system of art. It is as art objects that they are able to generate experiences, perceptions, intuitions of psychic realities – be they terrifying or solemn – and thus to open a view onto other worlds associated with the body, for instance that of “fashion”.