Modische Erscheinungen in der Kunst. Zum sehen und Gesehen werden bei Francesco Vezzoli


  • Matilda Felix



Matilda Felix

Fashion Into Art: Seeing and Being Seen in the Work of Francesco Vezzoli

One of the reasons why the art world has always tried to keep its distance from the world of fashion is the latter’s overall commercial orientation. However, it is above all the “image” of fashion as superficial and transitory and concerned with outward appearances that made art and fashion seem incompatible. An art committed to the production of “autonomous” and “authentic” meaning could do no less than to distance itself critically from the absence of content in fashion. It is, however, necessary to modify this attitude, because the parallels between the art market and fashion in both art and behavior have become increasingly visible. The interactions between the two spheres are especially interesting when they occur not only on the level of formal design, but when they are constitutive of meaning. In her article, Matilda Felix concentrates on the alleged superficiality of the world of fashion. According to her, the incessant reenactments of outward appearances through fashion reveal – notwithstanding their contingent and transitory nature – stable and well-structured patterns. The works of the Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli show how this can be turned to productive artistic use.